01 January 2013

Happy New Year.

We stayed up as late as we could (1am) and then flopped out on the new mattress. Firm and unforgiving, my taste to a T.

Pan-fried up the remains of NYE dinner: some mash, boiled veg and the remaining eggs (3 whites, one yolk) then covered in Tabasco. I bet Avery Island is a sad, desolate place that smells like mace and vinegar.

Sunny today.

Getting rid of old furniture is proving difficult.
First driving lesson this Saturday.
I should cancel our TV service.
Found an old story (thanks Kevin) with breadcrumbs back to this blog, et voila.
Stylophone for Xmas. Chunky jumper, banana box and thermal underwear. All worn at once.
This house is full of electrical devices that speak to the Internet.
There is a picture on the wall that refuses to stay straight.
Lemons in the fridge never go bad.
Coffee stays warm in the Cuisinart carafe long enough for me to remember I made coffee.

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